Skull Stud Silver
Skull Stud Silver
Skull Stud Silver

Skull Stud Silver

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Tiny skulls stud earrings made to mix n match into any ear game you got rockin. 

Length: 7mm

Our earrings are sold as singles so you can mix and match. If you would like a pair, please update your order quantity to 2.

All our stud earrings and fittings are hand-crafted in solid sterling silver.

Ready to ship in 1-3 days

Skull Earring Studs – Heart of Bone’s finest

If you value a more subtle look, Heart of Bone’s skull stud earrings might be just what you have been looking for. At 7mm long these stylish tiny skull stud earrings are discreet enough to be worn in situations where you can’t let your inner wild child out, but you still want to show what simmers beneath the surface. Suitable for a twist to corporate office style, our skull stud earrings can let you pass under the radar while still expressing yourself. Read More

As a fashion item too, these gorgeous studs available in sterling silver or 18k gold vermeil plated sterling silver, can lift a look from mundane to chic with their fine craftsmanship. A pared-back look can be made to pop with just one element – and we think these studs are the missing link. Of course, if you make no compromises, they also look pretty rad whatever style you choose to wear. We are looking at you goths, heavy metallers, punks and the eternally “ironic”.

Although we are huge fans of loners, these studs come in pairs only. Every part is crafted in solid sterling silver, including the fittings, so the chance of you developing a piercing infection and actually dying is pretty remote. But that would be quite the story – killed by your own skull earrings

As if Skull Earrings Studs Weren’t Enough

If you feel your tiny skull stud earrings aren’t making enough of a statement and you want something which gives a bit more impact, we hear you. Although we do love our beautiful sterling silver skull stud earrings, there are times when only a dagger will do. Do you hear me? So, with this in mind, Heart of Bone has combined the two with our Skull Dagger earrings. With a lightning bolt blade and a skull-topped hilt, we actually wish we could make a full-size dagger in this design, because it’s a beaut!

Our Incredibly flattering dagger earrings for men, women, or anyone who wants to wear it, this style comes as a solo mix-and-match earring to allow you to play with your earring look. The length can make a single piece stand out, while if you pair them, they are the perfect arrangement. We even think your gran would like them. Think punk rock, leather jackets and 10mm Cuban link chains, and you have the perfect look.

Heart of Bone – Badasses Only

Heart of Bone’s designs is a celebration of the outsiders, those who embrace the dark and as well as the light. The trailblazers refuse to conform but stand defiantly before the sleeping masses. Those whose rebellion against conformity might be overt or discreet, but still persists.

You may be surprised how many well-known celebrities and performers have some Heart of Bone jewelry in their collections and have worn it on stage. We don’t like to brag, but they clearly have good taste. If you’d like to join our band, we would love to have you on board. Shop our collection today and you can have your very own handmade Heart of Bone Gothic fine jewelry piece in your hands in less than 14 days. Read Less