Let us take you on a tour as we go backstage with the iconic rock band AC/DC and Australia’s own born and bred cult jewelry brand Heart of Bone. Here we share with you the story of this high voltage, first of its kind fine jewelry collaboration with Custom Creed and our favourite band and one of the biggest rock bands of all time- AC/DC. We are excited to share our processes and inspiration and the thinking, technology and traditional craftsmanship that made this extraordinary project come to life. We hope you enjoy following us on our journey with AC/DC as much as we enjoyed living it!
You can find the limited edition Heart of Bone X AC/DC luxury rockware collection exclusively at www.customcreed.com.



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+Very special thanks goes out to Grace, Andrew and Carlo from @lunar_red_films and @dopaminecreative_ www.dopaminecreative.com for your incredible commitment to creating this doco with us. You guys are absolute legends and so bloody good at what you do! You made this super fun and we can’t thank you enough for following us on this project and capturing this insane once in a lifetime experience on film.

+Special thanks to Twiggy Hunter and Sam Bassal for the sound and support (Twiggy Hunter your the funniest and the absolute ultimate FC rockstar around). 

+Extra special to James Hound Dog Young
+To Alex Lasika from Kingswood, Joel O’Keefe from Airbourne, Kerryn McCormack, Janine Morcos, Carine Bizet, Eric Hanssen, Clive Brown, Mitch Schnieder and Kelly Walsh for all of your endless support.