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A note from Emma.
This is a deeply personal collection of pieces which I have entitled Necromancy. It has been an extraordinary year for us all; in many different ways we have each journeyed through these challenging times in our unique style. My saving grace as a creative has been my ability to channel myself into my work and these powerful, hand beaded, unique and darkly beautiful Talismans are a product of that energy and focus. My hope for each is that they carry with them the raw and powerful energy and magic that I built into every single one. These Talismans feature stunning black fresh water pearls, precious stones, antiques and rare magical beads from my personal collection. 
The Necromancy series holds within it a strong and forceful energy that will bode well on your journey through life. A Talisman to guide you through the good, the bad and the ugly. Because let’s face it, there are times when we need super powers for protection and strength; often when the good, the bad and the ugly in life collide all at once. 
May my magical spells be your magical blessings.
Emma x 

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