Inspired by the darkness, born of fire and destined for a life less ordinary.
We create badass statement jewelry
 that’s as brave and authentic as you are. You may recognize our original and bold  jewelry designs on some of most extraordinary style makers, interesting personalities and inspirational characters and loyal clients on the planet including Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Janet Jackson, Lil Nas X, Michelle Visage, Daphne Guinness, Dita Von Tesse, Jean Paul Gaultier, Billy Idol, Slash, Poppy, Ghostemane, The band Ghost, Courtney Love, Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs, and the late and great Karl Lagerfeld himself who iconically wore his own Heart of Bone design Karl portrait skull ring. We are a gender neutral brand that prides ourselves on embracing individuality and inclusiveness.

Heart of Bone was  founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2013 by creative director Emma Addams who’s rock n roll style, dark aesthetic, hard work ethic and rebel attitude quickly and firmly established the Heart of Bone as a cult status jewelry brand. 

Heart of Bone’s hand crafted and limited edition collections,  iconic everyday staples and our custom made to order creations are loved by the loyal the world over.

Our latest collaboration -Heart of Bone X AC/DC is now available in limited edition. Launched in 2021 in partnership with www.customcreed.com this bespoke rock n roll jewelry and luxury merch collection truly makes Heart of Bone one of the most exciting and unique jewelry brands in the industry.

Forever inspired by the outsiders, the outspoken and the individuals that make up the amazing and loyal global Heart of Bone community, we thrive in the fast pace creative chaos, we love what we do and we live to do it well.

Thank you for being here and supporting us to do our thing- our way. Without your support we couldn’t do any of what we do, and fuck knows we’re all way too crazy here to be employable so we seriously hope you guys stick around! We’ll keep serving up the mad treasure as long as you’ll let us… so thank you for being a part of our journey and our awesome community! 


We welcome you to visit our stunning Atelier/workshop to discover for yourself the 
authentic and inspiring experience that’s the real essence of our company. Its here in our Atelier, workshop and design rooms that all the design, and carving is done.  Its’s a pretty cool thing being able to watch on as our founder/creative director Emma Addams carves and sculpts her way through the multitude of mad commissions and inspirations that form the standard matrix of mess that is wax piles, objects and experiments on her desk.  There is always an array of wax models that are being created from scratch using a mixture of traditional carving techniques and her own quirky self taught tricks and unpredictable innovative practices.
Emma loves to meet new clients and loves to chat whilst carving so next time you visit us at Heart of Bone  please ask one of our friendly team if she’s available. It really is very cool seeing her do what she does. It’s also not uncommon that a visitor or a couture client will come in for a initial consultation regarding a commission or a fitting and end up staying for hours talking, telling stories and end up creating a magic design  together on the spot. Our clients come to visit us from all over the world and they often tell us that they didn’t know that everything we make is carved by hand in house so you can imagine how exciting it is when they discover that what they thought was just going to be a quick pop in to visit a store was actually one of the most inspiring and exciting experiences they’d ever had! Well, that’s what they often tell us anyway…We’ll very happily take that as a huge compliment. And hope to meet you in our Atelier one day soon!


A very  special thanks goes out always to our wonderfully loyal customers for your support and for keeping Emma constantly busy and inspired with all your beautifully badass bespoke ideas and your ongoing custom.