Chunky Sterling Silver Chains

Chunky Sterling Silver Chains

The classic chunky sterling silver chain has beena staplefor decades. Whether the look you are going for is punk, metal, rock, goth or rapper, a chunky necklace chain can complete the look. It’s a popular way for guys to wear jewelry which is masculine and stylish. However, anyone can carry off a sterling silver chunky chain. Because it is such a design classic, many suppliers are offering chunky necklace chain, but if you want to go with the best, you go with Heart of Bone. Read More



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Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver – Your Choice of Chunky Necklace Chain

For one, every piece we make, we make to order, which is why you have to wait between seven and 14 days to get your hands on it. Every piece we make is handmade in our Melbourne studio (drop by sometimes, we love to show clients how we work!), we don’t outsource the craftsmanship to anyone else. We also like to think the biggest difference between a Heart of Bone chunky chain and other less badass brands is our detailing.

A Legacy Piece – Stainless Steel Heart of Bone

Take one of our bestselling products – the stainless steel Cuban link bracelet. With 10mm links, this tough little number is around for the long haul, as it is designed to withstand impacts that might dent a softer metal. That’s not all. It comprises our unique Heart of Bone Universal link lock, which means it’s possible to unlink and combine chains together and really go to town on how you want to look. We should add the link lock itself is a beautifully made feature and can set a bracelet or chain off as being something special.

This style also comes in 14mm Cuban link chains and bracelets and several different lengths so you can get the look that you want. Double chain it, vary the width; it’s all possible with Heart and Bone. Best of all it will stay looking lustrous for a lifetime.

Heart of Bone’s Sterling Silver Chunky Chain Range

Although we just love our stainless steel range, there is no replacement for pure sterling silver Gothic jewelry. It’s softer than steel but with a luminosity that just glows. One sterling silver chunky chain which really stands out is our Cuban link diamond cut chain. This can be customized to wear with charms, or you can sport it as one breathtaking statement piece. In lengths ranging from a classic 40cm chunky choker chain right up to an 80cm chain, the variety of looks is endless. It comes with a heart or circle closure and a bone bar which looks freaking great as a detail at the throat or the nape of the neck. We really love to mix it up by wearing it alongside chains of different lengths and widths.

For a chunky but cool matching bracelet, our chunky sterling silver bracelet chain cannot be beaten. It is satisfyingly chunky but looks elegant on the wrist. That’s due to Heart of Bone’s matchless craftsmanship. Handcrafted especially for you in our Collingwood workshop, it comes in four sizes with a choice of chunky chain necklace with heart or circle closure. We’ve included some handy information about how to choose the right size of bracelet on the product page – so be sure to read it before ordering.

Buy Heart of Bone’s Chunky Sterling Silver Chain and Bracelet

If you’ve lost your heart to Heart of Bone, make one of our stunning pieces yours. Designed, handcrafted and loved in Australia. Shop today to get the urban look. Read Less