The Frank Cult

The Frank Cult

Donnie Darko is an iconic American psychological thriller written and directed by Richard Kelly and released in 2001. The film stars a young Jake Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore and Patrick Swayze. Initially a flop at the box office, it has since become one of the all-time indie cult classics. 

This counter-culture story of a psychologically unbalanced teenager and his deeply terrifying imaginary friend, Frank the Rabbit.


Frank is a reflection of the human psychology and experiences we share and bury beneath the surface. We created the Frank ring to pay homage; to honour, recognise and celebrate that there is a Frank inside us all. 

Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?’ - Frank 

Donnie Darko film


At Heart of Bone, we are a family. We are the misfits, the others, the courageous, the true, the authentic and the brave. From Drew Barrymore (Kimberly Greene, Donnie Darko) to all our customers and friends who support our brand; you are what makes our community so special. Become part of our #FRANKCULT and share your looks, your style. 

‘I’ve been watching you, come closer.’  

Avani wearing Heart of Bone ring


Rabbit Ring
Drew Barrymore Jewellery Style

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