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Talismans For a Brave New World

As we as a race now step out, we actually find ourselves stepping in, from the shadows of darkness and into the light, together we step into a brave new world.
What strange and challenging times indeed. Each of our experiences and journeys of recent times differ greatly, each as valid as the next. Regardless of individual circumstance we have all collectively been handed possibly the greatest of gifts, whether we like it or not. The rare gift of time.
Consciously passing or marking time vastly differs for each of us. As an artist, being locked in, away from my usual tools and with limited creative materials at hand is like caging a starving wild animal. An artists internal life is in continuous motion. Inspiration and drive can present as both a blessing and a curse, depending on the time, conditions and space available both emotionally and physically. The practice of patience, concentration, disappointment, frustration, perseverance, distraction, ritual and process are ever present for me, often simultaneously. All these aspects are part of my daily life. I often refer to my carving practice as my meditation. Creating in the many different forms I work within and using my hands as my tools is for me a very conscious and grounding experience. Making sense of my inspirations and turning them into something tangible is my gift as an artist. I am deeply thankful to be blessed with these gifts. I do not take these for granted and I work hard to honour and challenge them daily.
During this recent time of imposed isolation finding a focused way to create has been a very powerful and personal process for me. Through process and ritual I have more than ever looked within for inspiration and meaning. Having limited resources to channel my creativity has been a very confronting, powerful experience of self reflection and personal growth.
By finding a way of manifesting my artistic intentions and visions into physical form I seem to have without even meaning to, created something very special. My reflections, raw energy and ritualistic practice have come to life in the form of a collection very unique and deeply personal Talisman. Each organically formed by my hand, with no plan. Each thread passed through each bead, each knot tied, in each moment a letting go, a release, a rebirth, a reincarnation.
Beads have existed since ancient times not just for their beauty and status but for their practical uses. To count prayers, to focus the mind through repetition, to ground oneself, as a show of devotion, faith and commitment and as tactile tools to remind us to stay in each precious moment. Each bead representing an intention, a prayer, a mantra, a reminder, a marker to keep track. A tool to pass and mark time.
My collection of Talismans, my tools of marking time, are created exclusively from my extensive treasury of antique, rare and unique beads, embellishments, curios, accouterments and trinkets collected throughout my life. From every corner of the globe that my vast travels have taken me. Hunted down in markets, bazaars, flea markets, antique stores and bought from street vendors. Within these small precious objects is a world of stories and memories woven from my past, the past before me, and the present now. I’ve never before questioned why I have collected these things, I have just always been drawn to them, obsessively at times. For years I have looked upon them in wonder but have never altered their original form in which I found them... until now. Until they were the only tools and materials I had accessible to me. This process of pulling everything apart and putting it all back together differently has delivered not only an extraordinary and unique collection but also a true journey of self reflection, discovery, awareness and a metamorphosis of self.
From a pure heart, an open mind, a generosity of spirit and the best of my intentions I share with you the fragments of my past, creative blessings of my present and my hopes for the future. My greatest wish is that whoever becomes the lucky custodians of these magical Talismans, infuses them with their own meanings, their own precious memories and their own unique wishes whatever they may be.
Here, I humbly present you my Talismans of hope for a brave new world.
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