Returning to work with a heavy heart 💔

Returning to work with a heavy heart 💔

As the Heart of Bone team returns to work today, we're reflecting on the last few months with heavy hearts.
Our country has been ravaged by devastating bushfires, which have so far burnt over 26 million acres; destroying families, communities, properties, livestock and wildlife. An estimated 1 billion animals have been killed, and some endangered species may be driven to extinction. The feeling of helplessness has been overwhelming for many of us. Our entire team have individually donated what we can to the incredible charities working tirelessly to fight, save and rebuild. We have compiled three organisations close to our hearts:


Wildlife Victoria

Donations will be distributed to wildlife shelters and carers to help rebuild enclosures and equipment that they have lost in the fires so that they can continue their lifesaving work, and support those that are struggling to cope with the enormous number of animals that will need care in the coming weeks and months.



Country Fire Association of Victoria
There are a number of different ways you can donate to support the CFA firefighting effort in Victoria. CFA is promoting four options depending on how you would like your money to be used. 



Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
FRRR provides support for recovery – when and where it's needed, which is often long after the headlines have moved on to something else. This fund ensures that donated funds reach grassroots community organisations across rural, regional and remote Australia, who collectively make up the social fabric of these communities, and who often miss out on receiving disaster donations.


These are just a few of the many appeals needing donations. It is up to us to support these communities and try to rebuild what has been lost. For a list of appeals you can support, visit

While it is difficult returning to work under these circumstances, we do so by continuing to uphold our sustainability benchmarks, supporting local businesses and ethical brands and minimising our own carbon footprint in the hope of a sustainable future. 

Thank you to everyone for your loyal support. Together we can accomplish anything.

Love Emma, Lenny & the Heart of Bone team xxx

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