Our iconic Bad Bunny Ring just turned 5!!!

Our iconic Bad Bunny Ring just turned 5!!!

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Exactly 5 years ago today, I went into my old studio (back then a shitty tiny 3 x 3 meter room at the back of a glass blowing showroom in Richmond) to carve the first ever Bad Bunny ring out of wax. It was Good Friday and the city was a ghost town, pretty much like now really. The idea for Bad Bunny had been on my mind for a while but I hadn’t had time to make it. That week prior, a friend had sent through a pic of a black leather bunny mask she had recently purchased. As fate would have it, the night before Good Friday I dreamed of that same mask but as a skull ring, so as soon as I woke up I raced to the studio as quick as I could to make it come to life. Fast forward 8 or 9 hours of carving and the first BAD BUNNY was born.
People often ask me where the idea came from and if it’s inspired by the playboy bunny... it’s not... and now you all know!
Here’s the pic I took on my phone after I’d finished carving that first ever Bad Bunny! 
Over the last 5 years, our Bad Bunny has kind of hit cult status, it’s been worn and loved by some pretty cool people from every corner of the world. It’s by far our best selling style and probably our most coveted piece ever.
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We love you guys and thank you again from all our hearts.


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