Miley Cyrus rocks in all new Heart of Bone

Miley Cyrus rocks in all new Heart of Bone

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Miley Cyrus rocks in all new Heart of Bone jewelry to celebrate the release of her chart topping album Plastic Hearts. Here are some of our favorite moments from Miley wearing  Heart of Bone..

With a chart topping album, epic styling and a killer new look we love everything about Miley right now! Miley has been dripping in Heart of Bone jewelry to promote her new album Plastic Hearts and we can’t get enough. From Howard Stern to Jimmy Kimmel, Bad Santa for Christmas to Ryan Seacrest Miley has been HOT AS HELL in her Heart of Bone looks.

From our new customizable dagger, slayer and razor solid sterling silver hand crafted hoop earrings we call ‘HOOKUPS’ ( we created these especially for Miley BTW!) to our latest collection of hand carved initial alphabet bone style signet rings (Miley wears the F.U.C.K O.F.F selection, and our Bowie and customized Satan rings and razor rings to some custom logo chain braclets and much more.. WE ARE LIVIN for the Miley Cyrus jewelry punk rock ‘n ‘ roll jewelry looks and bling game right now. What a badass way to celebrate the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 with Miley slaying it on @rockineve! Special thanks to Miley Cyrus and her EPIC style team including @Bradleykennethstyle for choosing Heart of Bone. We’ve added some rare behind the scenes of the making of the Heart of Bone for Miley Cyrus badass bespoke collection of jewelry we handcrafted. These are a selection of the Heart of Bone accessories and jewelry pieces that Miley has been rocking  since October 2020 and over NYE 2021!

People, here’s something you won’t find anywhere but! The actual pieces we created and some BTS of the making process of our jewelry that we made her here in our Melbourne, Australia workshop just for Miley! 🛠⚒🔨⛏🪛








Listen to Plastic Hearts here


Shop Miley's favourite Heart of Bone pieces HERE



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