Alchemy Talismans

Alchemy Talismans

Aurum Nostrum Non Est Aurum Vulgi: 
Our gold is not common gold

Alchemy is a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. The secret science of illumination and inner liberation.

Our Talisman journey continues as Emma brings to life a new collection of bespoke Talisman necklaces. Inspired by the ancient science of Alchemy and the concept of the Philosophers Stone, these Alchemy Talismans draw insight from the Latin expression “solve et coagula”. “Solve,” meaning to break down and separate, whilst “coagula” describes the process of bringing elements back together into a new form.

 Through the meditative and ancient process of beading, Emma continues to create magic. Pulling everything apart that once was and rearranging it differently, giving birth to an entirely new being. Capturing an unseen force field of pure potential that can only come into existence when it is embodied within a form. 

One bead at a time, knot after knot, weaving together memories, stories and inspirations from her past, her present and her visions for the future. Created using precious treasures unearthed from her extensive collection of antique and collectible beads, rare bijoux and accoutrements collected on Emma’s vast travels of the world. 

Conjured from a pure heart, an inquisitive mind and a generosity of spirit, these exquisite and one of a kind Alchemy Talismans are imbued with rich symbolism and insightful observations of the world around us. Mixing nature, science, magic, awareness, wisdom, beauty and spiritual awakening, asking each of us to look within, to stop being our own worst enemies and opening to allow our fullest potential to unfold. 

Our Alchemy Talismans are each infused with the potent scents and healing properties of frankincense resin, stick incense and red lily flowers to elicit a complex sensory experience for the wearer of these one of a kind creations.

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